Best Laid Plans

So…the plan was to revise my website this summer and start Spire II in Sept. (Slight pause so you can snicker at my believing in plans, or rather the successful execution thereof without life getting in the way.) None of my plans included my father breaking his hip. So instead of revising my website this summer, I revised my house to make it wheelchair friendly. Very long outdoor ramp, grab bars in bathrooms, moving out tables & lamps to provide more room. (I thought the HIPPA rules about the rise of ramps was overly conservative until the first time I had to push father up our new ramp. Even at HIPPA compliant rise, it took effort.)

I still need to revise website. I still plan to write Spire II, but I haven’t gotten things sorted out enough to even think about trying to set dates.

I will try to do more book recommendations.