Spire: Chapter 80

(Click for links to previous chapters.) The murderer’s room is disappointingly normal, maybe just a little too neat and orderly, but no stench of Sorcery, no grimoires, no arcane symbols drawn in blood. “There is no sign he was a user of any power,” Jes decides and Alan agrees. “But he was definitely the murderer,” … Continue reading Spire: Chapter 80

Spire: Chapter 78

(Click for links to previous chapters.) “The spell’s directions are clear, and I have all of the required elements, but I have never performed it, so I cannot guarantee it will work.” The ex-ShadowWalker just looks confused. Maybe he isn’t used to being told the truth. “But you think it might work?” “Yes.” “Then I … Continue reading Spire: Chapter 78

Spire: Chapter 77

(Click for links to previous chapters.) Seven dead, three identified. And the murderer is still out there. Every night I dream of new graves. Two weeks have passed, and Sister Mays believes the danger over, but the camp remains, and will for two more weeks. Father has called me back home to help hunt the … Continue reading Spire: Chapter 77