Spire: Chapter 102 — part 2

(Click for links to previous chapters.) We leave my parents happily basking in front of the fire. “Five days.” “And then we can sit in front of our own fire—alone.” Alan finishes my thought for me. But for now, we head to Mynar’s library on the way to talking to Rage. “It is definitely ‘enhanced’.” … Continue reading Spire: Chapter 102 — part 2

Spire: Chapter 99

(Click for links to previous chapters.) I find Alan shaking his head outside Mynar’s library. “I told them the swamp-wizard is dead. Mynar said ‘good’, Lej said ‘that’s nice’, and Emrinalda said ‘well, if he’s dead he can’t help’, and then they all went back to translating papers.” “They are on a mission. And I … Continue reading Spire: Chapter 99