Lost Sun — A Space Opera

In Space, even a routine mission can turn deadly.

Scout Ship Captain Imbre vor-Asidor expected more boredom than danger when he set out to retrieve a rebellious Ensign. What he didn’t expect was discovering that his wandering Ensign had acquired a totally unacceptable companion and a disturbing set of stalkers.

Although he was one of the youngest Scout Captains, Imbre was still confident in his ability to pull the Ensign out of whatever trouble she had gotten into. But what should have been the end of his mission launches him into the path of the greatest threat to their race since their sun went nova.

A path that leads to unexpected secrets and even more unexpected allies, with each answer only leading to more questions and increasing danger. His battle to save their race would soon become a battle to save the entire galaxy.

Need a vacation from reality? Lost Sun is a Space Opera with danger, secrets, and unexpected allegiances. And absolutely no reality…

Lost Sun is available on Amazon as eBook or paperback. The eBook is in Kindle Unlimited and will be offered for free on Dec. 30 and 31 and Jan. 4, 5, and 6.